A mission against time! EXIT® – the exciting Live Escape Room Adventure in Dotmund offers you and your friends a whole new challenge! A computer game transferred to the real world. The ultimate team challenge! Can you solve all the puzzles in the given time and escape from our rooms?

You have the choice between three exciting Escape Room missions, where up to 30 players can play simultaneously. How fast do you find the first hint? You only have 66 minutes to escape! Develop solutions in the team, seek additional hints, combine, analyze, use your mind, your creativity, skill and team spirit!

You can also experience ultimate puzzles and infinite worlds with our Virtual Reality Live Adventures. In these unique missions, you can move freely with up to 8 friends or colleagues through breathtaking scenes.

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Kaiserstraße 129, 44143 Dortmund
Call: +49 (0)231-1775548-0

operating hours:
Thursday: 4:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m
Friday: 4:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m
Sunday: 1:00 p.m – 7:00 p.m

directions: Directions U43 or bus 452 456 – stop Funkenburg